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The Office Fitness Walking Treadmill designed to be used for steady and effective indoor walking workout using a quiet and efficient electric motor that offers a marked contrast to cheaper non-motorised models. In an office setting, treadmill usage as seen as increasingly effective alternative to being sedentary when combined with either a standing desk (see Office Fitness Sit-Stand Electric Desk) or Laptop Stand.

Walking rather than prolonged sitting offers significant health benefits; considerable weight loss (200kCals/hr at 6mph), disease prevention, cardiovascular improvements. Studies show that walking can increase blood flow to the brain, helping improve your memory by as much as 15 percent in a six-month period. At the same time, walking on a treadmill promotes healthy restorative sleep patterns, which in turn decreases your stress levels.

Multi-function display (Speed, Time, Distance and Calories Burned). The Office Fitness Treadmill is a purpose buit walking treadmill (not a running machine), maximum speed 6mph which equates to a brisk walk requiring full arm swing. As with all Office Fitness products comes with one year warranty. We are quite sure that you will be super-impressed with high quality of our treadmill.

The revised Walking Treadmill designed for steady indoor walking now uses a new quieter and more efficient electric motor. In addition, the space-saving 36cm runway offers the more practical option of a chair alongside offering variation between sitting, standing and walking. For most people this is more than wide enough for the natural walking gait but just to be sure, we advise marking out two strips of tape, 36cm apart and observing whether the lines are crossed when walking and looking ahead.

-Maximum Load 100kg
-1 – 6 mph, Quiet 500w motor
-Runway Belt: 85x36cm
-Product Dimensions: 110cm long, 63cm wide, 20cm high
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