Confidence Power Trac Pro 735W Electric Motorised Treadmill Running Machine with 3 Manual Incline Settings

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Confidence has designed the Power Trac treadmill to let you develop your fitness from the convenient surroundings of your own home. Available for a generous price, the treadmill has a whole host of helpful features.

Powered by an efficient 600w motor, the treadmill offers four pre-set speeds between 1km/h and 10km/h. And if you don't want to make the choice yourself, then simply choose one of the 12 built-in fitness programmes. You can even adjust the incline manually to one of three angles.

LED display will let you keep track of your condition while also overseeing calories, time, distance, and speed. An emergency stop clip is also included for your safety.


12 built-in fitness programmes
Range of speeds: 1-10km/h
Four quick-select pre-set speeds: 3km/h, 5km/h, 8km/h, 10km/h
LED display shows: speed, distance, time, calories
Adjustable manual incline: 5 degrees, 3.5 degrees, 2 degrees
Emergency stop clip
735w / 1HP motor


Runway size: 36cm x 100cm
Dimension when ready for use (l x b x h): 125cm x 61cm x 120cm
Dimensions when folded up (l x b x h): 126cm x 61cm x 27cm
Weight of machine: 24kg
Weight of delivered package: 25kg
Max user weight: 120kg
Max load: 150kg